Welcome to my website.

I write because it helps me make sense of my life.   Much of what I post on this website comes from my personal journals and scraps of papers lying around my office.

Someday, when things calm down (if ever), I hope to stitch together these stories in a way that I can publish a lighthearted book, reflecting on the many experiences I have had in life.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos and sketches that appear on my website are my own. For those that are not, I have been careful not to include any copyrighted materials and I make every reasonable attempt to properly attribute any non-copyrighted materials back to the source.

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On Turning 59

Like a train now speeding out of the terminal, the lampposts of time seem to be passing by at an ever increasing speed… And, I suppose, one could whine about that or, draft-up a Bucket List and stay busy! Life’s been great, despite my best efforts at tripping myself up. A team of skilled guardian … Continue reading On Turning 59

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