Sabering Champagne

Like a beautiful flower that slowly blooms, patiently revealing her secrets, my wife brought me a bottle of good champagne and … a saber and said, “Let’s do this a different way.”  It may have been our anniversary or a birthday, I can’t recall, but I sure do remember the thrill when I sabered my first bottle of champagne!

Life should be lived boldly.   Just my personal philosophy.   And when we do, we enter a far more interesting dimension, one filled with a full spectrum of emotion, and we are often surprised along the way at our growing courage.

So tempting to navigate our world avoiding new and scary things, something sadly I had begun drifting into as I felt a need to conform and robotize into the grand cog of the modern world.  But someone nudged me off of that path in life years ago; my wife.  A little nudge here, a little one there, and before long a grand world opened up.

The person with whom we forge a life makes all the difference, yes?  They can drag you down or pull you up.  Pay it forward each day, and good (even great) things start to happen.  Like an imperceptibly growing crescendo, the color and vitality of our given experience grows large and now we learn the way of the risk taker.

So much of what we are taught early in life and later reinforced in adulthood would caution us to “not be the tall blade of grass, for the lawnmower will whack you down”.   Kind of makes sense until our questioning souls say… “bullshit to that”, you are not my role model, she is.

I admit it, scandalous women intrigue me.  Take Beryl Markham, for example.   Hers is a story filled with off-the-beaten track truly grand adventures.   She wasn’t coddled or dressed-up like a doll.  No, no, her story is nothing of the sort and I can’t wait to read her memoir in West With the Night (1920s; Kenya).   It’s the next adventure material on my growing pile of print screens of books I need to read.

Beryl Markham

Drifting back in time to a land far away, I could see my wife and I enjoying a raucous evening with a group of travelers, perhaps we are around a roaring fire in Kenya, surrounded in total blackness on a moonless night, with like-minded souls and Caroline turns to me and says, “Why don’t you bring the champagne … and saber, dear.  A grand geste is in order for tonight.”

Live daringly, my friends.  We only get one chance at this thing called life.

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