My US passport reads, “Born:  Lagos, Nigeria” and that, alone, has assured that my path through life would never be a standard one… and thank God for that!   After an enlistment in the Air Force, I returned to the DC area to complete my studies in economics and finance.   Worked at the corporate HQ of Lockheed Martin and left when the commute grew to a coma-inducing two hours each way.   Flipped homes in the Annapolis, MD. area for surprising profit while our two children came into their own.   Married since 1991 to someone far wiser and emotionally stable, we’ve since retired early (2015) to our remote property in south-central Colorado.

I’m a nut for the mountain life and live only a few minutes from some of the most stunning wilderness imaginable.   I write in the early mornings and hike in the afternoons!  Our neighbors cross our 108 acres uninvited, but it’s ok, we like our antelope, mule deer, bears, and cows!

I am grateful to be alive and living in this mountain paradise I now call home, enjoy writing, and hope to inspire you to live the life you’ve always wanted to, that is, if you are not already doing so!

Perhaps the one quote that resonates more and more is one by G. Eliot…

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”  😉