One of my favorite quotes comes from G. Eliot,

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”

Retired early and finally found a way to change our stars for the balance of our lives.  An explorer at heart with a defined list of experiences I’d really like to accomplish with my wife, Caroline while we still have a sense of humor and we don’t sweat things too much.

After decades of trial and error, I may have finally stumbled upon a way to live without undue stress and distraction.   The stories contained in my blog are mostly unrelated and, I hope, entertaining.

Since “you can’t take it with you”… might as well live well, pay it forward, and enjoy each day you are given.



Born:  Lagos, Nigeria (truly, not a joke, except when I return to the US and they examine my US Passport)

Countries travelled:   44, including Mongolia…

States visited:  46

Amount of climbing since retiring in mid-2015:   409,712′  (revised:  12 July 2018)