A Ural in Bolivia

Adventures feed the soul.   When we actively dream, we live.  Plans take form, choices are made, things are sold, and off we go.   Life is so short and if we don’t take time to figure out what fuels us, we’ll continue on a glide path to nowhere.

Drawing, for me, has almost always preceded action.   Visualize it intimately on paper and it will become etched into your mind.

Taking delivery of a Ural motorcycle somewhere in South America and then meandering by the seat of one’s pants seems would be something worth doing.   I had read about two hombres doing this a few years back and it has intrigued me ever since.  Just imagine what the world would look like from a sidecar…

“Oh, but that sounds crazy.   How would you cope when it snowed or rained?”

Exactly.  And perhaps my response would be, “How can you be satisfied seeing the world through the window of a tour bus?”   But, I’m trying to reform.   Read The Four Agreements.   Working not to take the bait these days.  I slip, sometimes.  Please forgive me.

Something quite alluring about a straight road in a remote location, one which disappears in perfect symmetry over to a horizon, one with distant, slightly active volcanos calling you.

The chance discovery of an incredible photo, an impulsive decision to go on pilgrimage, and a profound change in the direction of one’s life thereafter.

“Oh no…”, did I really draw a picture of a Ural with sidecar?