Pencil to Paper | Art as Therapy


The moment that pencil touches paper, something magical happens in the brain and suddenly the world’s noise disappears…

We seem to have drifted away from these basics in this busy, digital world.   Pencil to paper, and your thoughts instantly come to life.  Why concern yourself with the quality of your work?  As our 900+ year old friend, Yoda, would say, “Just do“.


I have found that drawing slows my world down to a crawl, a nice, slow crawl.  Earbuds in, the world’s noise out, and the mind drifts to a place of your choosing.   As your pencil presses into the paper, your work takes form.   And another line here, one there.   There we go, drifting far away from our worries.

Sometimes, your sketches are quick; left for the other to complete in their mind.   Or, hours go by and your masterpiece slowly grows from the page and you smile and reflect, like the hiker lost in thoughts only to find herself above the trees.


My design professor came to sit with me for a few minutes at the drafting table to bemoan the current trend towards digital rendering and away from pencil to paper.   I assured him that the long pendulum would eventually come back, that the old ways would not fade completely, that this new technology was just a temporary distraction.

I’ll never forget the two years in the studio.   To have had a chance to peel back a page on my dream, if only for a while.

Go find that worn, leather journal, and make an entry today.