“Look! They’re back.”


Just fed the last, tasty apple to the four mules by the fence when I turn around to see about 20 Mule Deer all looking up, poised all staring at me.   They visit our land a few times a week and we never get tired of having them around.  Yesterday, two came within about ten feet of my wife.

We never feed them.  Ever.

The Colorado Fish and Wildlife people estimate that about 330,000 exist in the wild here in our state.   And what an honor it is when we see them bed down for the evening within the tall grasses on our land.

Sometimes, I’m working on a woodworking project in my garage and I’ll see them approach my window or peek around one of the doors.   The little ones seem to be the most curious.  You can spot them from a distance, but only when they move.   Their funny, white butts kinda give them away!

There is a way to be careful in the tone of voice and in the movements we make, so that they don’t all run away.  And I wonder if they recognize us by now and trust that, at least here on our land, that they are safe.

Yesterday, my wife saw them just outside the dining room window and so she grabbed her SLR, sat on the rear porch in the sun next to one of our two, old Newfies, while the big herd nibbled on the grasses nearby.   She sat me down later that evening and, asked if I’d pour us a couple of glasses of wine so that she could show me the photo essay on our 60″ HD TV.  Sure beat watching the know-it-all Talking Heads…

Here is a small sampling of the photos she took: